The Emotional & Financial Cost of Clutter + Tips for Decluttering

Clutter is an expensive proposition - environmentally, financially, mentally, and emotionally. Our modern lives are consumed by clutter, leading to a society that is in desperate need of a lifestyle overhaul.


5 Benefits of Minimalism & Why It Matters

Historically minimalism has referred to movements and styles within the arts. Minimalist paintings composed of simplistic lines and large shapes became popular in the 1950's, with individuals such as Andy Warhol and Frank Stella being some of the most influential artists of their time. In our modern times, minimalism has become a movement defined by … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Minimalism & Why It Matters

My Journey Toward Minimalism

Minimalism has become a trendy word, a fascination, and something widely misunderstood. It has become a movement, broken down into soundbites, Marie Kondo, and images of stark interiors with no sense of warmth. I am both elated and frustrated by this. Elated because it means that people are breaking away from what society would have … Continue reading My Journey Toward Minimalism