Defining Your Vision in 8 Practical Steps

If you are anything like me, the idea of committing to a goal or vision can be scary. It requires taking a hard look at where we are at and contrasting that with where we want to be. It requires sacrifice and discipline. It requires staring down the potential for disappointment and laughing in its … Continue reading Defining Your Vision in 8 Practical Steps


Sandalwood & Cedar

I'd look into this farmhouse window forever just to keep you warm at the kitchen table: khaki pants, blue flannel shirt, wool socks, old eyes frosted like this winter pane. So I linger here, outside, boots slow over crusted leaves, with the half beaten snow from last nights storm being pressed between limestone pavers as … Continue reading Sandalwood & Cedar

At Kotel HaMaariv

Jews and Christians pray here, along sixteen-hundred feet of wall, with their noses pressed against the weathered stone and their fingers laced in the spaces where notes and supplications have been tucked as offerings to Yahweh. Like this man here, dressed in black, standing with his feet shoulder width apart in a drift of snow, … Continue reading At Kotel HaMaariv